I saw john at the calgary folk music festival , and he was amazing!!! thank you for singing such wonderful music, also thanks for signing your autograph for me !!!
crystal lee crystal_lee@shaw.ca
calgary , alberta canada - 07/31/06

John - Sign me up as another instant fan thanks to your wonderful performances at the Calgary Folk Music Festival! You put so much soul into your singing and I just couldn't get enough, really! I know you have made a very BIG impact on a lot of folks here so thank you so much to you and Todd for the weekend on the Island! Please come back again soon!
Brian Mills brmills@shaw.ca
Calgary , Alberta Canada - 07/31/06

At the time that I saw John I was attending the Calgary Folk Music Festival (July 27-30). I've got to say that John was one of the best if not THE best 'tweeners I saw at the festival. When I went to see your concert on Sunday at the Mercury stage I was completely blown away! The emotion and passion that he puts into his music creates a truly magical experience! Thanks for having such a passion for music and being truly awesome at the fest, it helped make this year's fest a fantastic one! (P.S.~ I really loved the Ray Charles cover of "Hallelujah, I love her so").
Regina , Canada - 07/31/06

Saw you at the Calgary folk festival and found your music and voice to be awe inspiring. I also thought your bringing some awareness of some social issues to a city where people like to bury their heads in the sand was wonderful. Thank you for a great experience(one of the few at the festival this year).
Calgary , Alberta Canada - 07/31/06

Saw John at the Calgary Folk Fest between some "bigger" name acts. I got to say you were the best. Totally blew away the rest. Thanks forthe great performance.
Calgary , Ab Canada - 07/31/06

You Dear Sir are an engineer in the fusion of otherworldly realms of song and sound. I am truly proud, to be inspired by you, and to greet each day knowing your positive energy makes the world a better place. Thank you for being yourself.
Simone Yasmine Zielinski sighmone@gmail.com
Calgary , Alberta Canada - 07/31/06

Great show at Schuba's! You turned me onto a new sound, thanks!
Ian Hanson ihanson7@yahoo.com
Chicago , IL USA - 07/27/06

Hi John, I cannot get enough of your music. I go to your shows as much as I can and it's always wonderful to hear your voice. You make people "feel" the music. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul with us. God Bless you.
Clara clara_tulanian@hotmail.com
New Orleans , LA USA - 07/27/06

Your show at Shubas was the most amazing concert I have ever seen!
stephanie lee stephlee22@hotmail.com
chicago , illinois usa - 07/25/06

I heard you sing one song at the Vancouver Island Music Festival and that one song made the whole festival worth it. Wow, what an instrument you have, I have to say it is THE sweetest voice I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing it.
Patty O'Neill
Patty O'Neill gardengatespices@shaw.ca
Powell River , British Columbia Canada - 07/13/06

John... I was sitting around my house, missing NOLA when I came across your site. For the first time in weeks I am happy, remembering the DBA and your amazing performances. You are one of New Orleans brightest Sons. Always be you.
The Pirate Dorgenois andrew.ahearn@gmail.com
Phila-Nola , PA.LA USA - 07/04/06

We love you, keep doing what you do! You make New Orleans proud!
Jessica Saacks jessicasaacks@yahoo.com
Austin...was NOLA , TX - 07/03/06

Just got back N.O., which was my first visit (yes, I was with the librarians' convention). Heard you at d.b.a. and was very impressed. Am now listening to your Jambalaya album... so glad to have discovered you. I'm telling all my friends. Any plans to come to either New York or Philadelphia?
Marilyn Quinn quinnma@rider.edu
Thorofare , New Jersey - 06/28/06

searching for C.D.call didn't it rain
ronald shumpert ronaldpearceshumpert@msn.com
Omaha , N.E. - 06/11/06

I saw you Saturday Night at d.b.a. You blew me away. Your heart and soul have a perfect instrument of expression in your voice. You are a gift to all of us...
I was so touched, that you gave me your CD gratis and told me to check out others at Louisiana Music Factory. I'm buying the whole lot now.
Best, Ansu
Ansu John ansu_john@yahoo.com
Arlington , VA USA - 06/05/06

call me john..eric m.
eric miller fesster8@hotmail.com
new orleans , LA United States - 06/05/06

Bootie - I see you are doing great things...again!! Wish I could be at Jazz Fest - maybe some year! Hope all is well and will be expecting to hear from you SOON!! Love you to pieces....
Baumer dbjrb@aol.com
Chippewa Lake , Ohio USA - 05/01/06

Your voice, your soul together set a standard.
Nathan nathanhaese@yahoo.com
Lafayette , California US - 04/25/06

a big shout to you dear brother john, hope you and your family are healthy and happy. sorry i missed hearing you when you were here last month. i have so many fond memories of you at donna's, dba,&FQFEST. wish u all the best. peace
phil philliplowrie@hotmail.com
austin(formerly nola) , tx. - 04/20/06

Just purchased a Bose Home Theater System and heard your demo of RAIN.
Absolutely blew us away...
First time we heard your style but it will NOT be the last
Keep up the good work and bless you and New Orleans

john boutte johnboutte@hotmail.com
New Orleans , La USA - 02/28/06

To all of John's Fans-- if you haven't been to the site www.myspace.com/johnboutte-- do yourself a treat and check it out-- be sure to listen to some of his great songs. He is the best. Best always John--

Tom & Barb
Tom & Barb tkochendor@aol.com
Saginaw , MI USA - 02/14/06

John, you, sir, are the most talented vocalist in country. Your voice carries the heart of our city. I cannot tell you how moved I am when I hear you perform live. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing your talent. I am going to purchase Jambalaya tomorrow at the Louisiana Music Factory.
Kevin Wiseman franklinnc@hotmail.com
New Orleans , LA USA - 02/03/06

The voice, incredible; the lyrics hit home, especially "Breaking Down the Door"; the musician's fantastic. First time I heard of John Boutte' was on a Bose System at BJ's and Sam's Club that my wife bought for me Xmas. Now that I can listen to the music at home all I want to know is when a performance will be scheduled in the Atlantic CityNJ/PhiladelphiaPA area so I will be able to see a legend in person. Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes stephenforbes@comcast.net
Vineland , New Jersey USA - 01/24/06

The site is fantastic!!! Glad to see that you have all the gigs...keep up the good work. Love and miss you much! Your "sister" Sharon.
Sharon Mariscal Toulec1@msn.com
Lincoln , RI USA - 01/19/06

Met you this eve at Harrah's 528. You are wonderful . Love your type of Jazz and great group. I do hope you find time this upcoming summer to book an event in Milwaukee. If so we will definately be your biggest fan.. You are great and we just met this eve..
Cammi and Bill
Cammi Hollingsworth cammip@sbcglobal.net
Milwaukee , Wisconsin usA - 11/15/06

That it the word that I use when describing your singing to others. We admire your talent and thankful to have you around town and proud that you call New Orleans home!
Jenae Crain naefix@mac.com
New Orleans , LA United States - 11/15/06

I saw your performance on Austin City Limits and it moved me. You sing with so much passion - you remind me of Wilson Pickett.
Ed edkuresman@yahoo.com
Cincinnati , Ohio USA - 10/15/06

From FOX News 'FOX411' newsletter, 10/09/2006 If you're a fan of Annie Lennox's song, "Why," check out a new version by John Boutte on a marvelous new album of gems by the New Orleans Social Club called "Sing Me Back Home." Also worthwhile and hum-able: "Look Up," by Irma Thomas and Marcia Ball. g g@nospam.com
nola & austin , - 10/10/06

I saw John in New Orleans while I spent a month down there this June. I bought his CD and now I can't stop listening to it! I love it! :)
Rebecca Parker parke110@msu.edu
Grand Rapids , Michigan USA - 10/09/06

Hello John I am visiting here in Rhode Island with Sharon and Toussaint and she showed me the article in the Off Beat magazine.... ;All I can say is WOW!
I miss you John Boutte and hope that we can see each other in future, near future. Leanord Blair and I have been trying to contact you since the great event but to no avail. I am leaving for France tommorow and will try to call you when I get home. Much Love and best of all the world has to offer Tony Ramos
Tony Ramos Toulec1@msn.com
Mas de Loc, Eyguieres , 13430 France - 09/29/06

John, I had the awesome opportunity to work with you on Stage 5 at the Calgary Folk Music Festival. To be able to watch you up close participating in a workshop with several other musicians was amazing and I was truley blown away by your talent and your kindness to your audience and all of us crew members backstage. I am blessed to have discovered your music and met you in person. Thank you.
Sarah Willis Croteau crots999@yahoo.com
Scarborough , Ontario Canada - 08/14/06

Saw you at the Calgary folk music festival, both friday night before macy gray and wouldn't have missed you Sunday for the world. Incredible soul man and way too little time. Hope you can make it back up this way again soon.
Jeff straw jeffstraw@shaw.ca
Calgary , Ab Canada - 08/05/06

Hey John, it was wonderful to see and hear you again, it's been too long! One of the best memories of my trip to NOLA a few years ago was meeting you and Todd and what a treat to have both of you here finally. You truly are an inspiration my friend. Hope you enjoy the disc I gave you and I look forward to seeing you again..hopefully sooner. If you run into John Fohl, please send my regards.
All the best.
Richie P
Richie P richiep@telus.net
Calgary , Canada - 08/04/06

Oh John, Remember me, Jerry, at Calgary Folk Fest. I will make you my soul brother.
We love you here because you are John and John is not ashamed to share his heart. God gave you that beautiful quality and let it keep shining so it continues to give us a hit of our lives. I've been reading these others and some reviews and they are all right. Bless you for sharing of YOU, John on Sunday. Please odn't ever loose that, it is your mark. Above all else , guard your heart! Heard that before? I think so. You're beautiful. I would be overwhelmed to hear from you sometime. You are always welcome here.
Jerry Weber weberjldk@shaw.ca
Calgary , Alberta Canada - 08/03/06

Your performance on sunday afternoon at the calgary folkfest was amazing. It was so moving and passionate, you have so much talent.
i'd love to see you again in the future.

keep up your amazing music,
ashley pocket_novel@hotmail.com
fraser lake , BC Canada - 08/01/06

I have been going to the Calgary FF for about 8 years now and I have never seen such a moving and heart-felt performance as the one you gave Sunday afternoon. You sure tugged on my heart strings! It was a pleasure to speak with you after the show.
God Bless
Maryanne : )
Maryanne funnygal73@hotmail.com
Calgary , Alberta Canada - 08/01/06

You were great at the Calgary Folk Fest. Cheers.
Lethbridge , Alberta Canada - 08/01/06