†Review By New Orleans songwriter

†Eddie Tebbe

September, 2000


†††† Only in the pest two years have I become really aware of John Boutte. In that short time though Iíve become a big fan. His last CD At The foot of Canal Street quickly became a favorite, and his 2000 Jazz Fest performance captured the essence of what New Orleans music is about. It was a performance that grabbed both tourist and natives by their soul and did what it wanted, a performance that made me proud just to be from here. So it was with anticipation, excitement, and high hope that I opened Cubanismo in New Orleans. Itís easy for a CD to come out of nowhere like Boutteís last one did for me. Following that up and meeting the rise in expectation is a challenge. Boutte picked a great project that involves a wide range for gigantic local and Cuban musicians.

†††† The CD did not disappoint me one bit. This collaboration continues, revives, and sets afire to the long tradition of shared music between our city and Cuba. With the ingredients of hot salsa rhythms of Cubanismo, the Jazz/Brass Band flavor of The Yockamo Allstars, and the soul filled signing of John Boutte the CD mixes an every special musical dinner for everyone to feast.

†††† With the countless decisions that go into the making of a CD so much can go wrong. I think all their decisions where right, save the rap part in Rampart Street Rumba. The covers of long lived staples, Mother-in-Law, Iko Iko, and Mardi Gras Mambo come off wonderfully. The duet between Boutte and Topsy Chapman on It Do Me Good might be my favorite cut. The CD has a nice pace to it and flows well from mid-tempo, fast, and slow songs. Fusing the different styles, blending establish bands, and balancing egos over two countries isnít easy. Having many hands in the pot often creates more trouble then itís worth, but nothing sounds like there where any problems.

†††† The CD feels like everybody was there for the love of the project and music. That really turns me on. On CDs like this lots of time have guest singers on each track, which can be terrific, but sticking with Boutteís vocals through-out add to the cohesiveness. Plus he was just born to sing. He has a voice that conveys feeling. I liked the concept, I liked it in practice, and as a amateur lyricist I dream of being part of something like this. The best thing I can say about listening to this release is itís fun.

Eddie Tebbe is a songwriter in New orleans. He recently had a song recorded by George Porter Jr. You can hear audio clips of his song at www.georgeporterjr.com and look in the Running Pardners section.

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